Learn the intricacies of UHPC production, both in the plant and in the classroom at Northwest Precast's new 80,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility. With its incredible strength, lightweight structure, and resistance to freezing and thawing, UHPC is a game-changer for all producers.
  • Northwest Precast has been manufacturing UHPC products since 2020, including: signage, wall panels, and deck planks, and will host a tour to demonstrate current best practices and share lessons learned from sustained production.
  • Topics covered will include mix design characteristics, form design/set-up, mixing methods, placement techniques, curing, handling, storage, and shipping.
  • Additionally, several guest presenters will be present to share their industry expertise during the educational workshops.
Ultra-High-Performance Concrete (UHPC) is a high-strength, high-durability composite material consisting of a cementitious matrix and high-performance-fiber reinforcement. The cementitious matrix consists of optimally graded fine aggregate suspended in a cement-paste designed to achieve superior performance. Laboratory tests in accordance with ASTM C39, with modifications defined in ASTM C1856, and ASTM C1609 indicate compressive and flexural strengths 3X greater than traditional self-consolidating concrete.