National Science Foundation HQ (Hoffman Block 8)

Design: WDG Architects

Manufacturer: Arban & Carosi, Inc.

Category: Commercial

Old Parkland West Campus

Design: Beck Architecture

Manufacturer: Advanced Architectural Stone

Category: Commercial                           

University of Notre Dame McCourtney Hall
Design: BSA Life Structures

Manufacturer: Southside Precast Products

Category: Educational & Spiritual

Trinity Washington University New Academic Center

Design: EYP

Manufacturer: Arban & Carosi, Inc.

Category: Educational & Spiritual Design

Highland Park DPS & Town Hall

Design: RPGA Design Group

Manufacturer: Advanced Architectural Stone

Category: Medical & Government Design

aLoft Raleigh – Bell View Hotel (EarthCast Panels)

Design: Thomas Sayre

Manufacturer: Lucas Concrete Products

Category: Hospitality & Entertainment Design

City Center (Condo Buildings) 

Design: Shalom Baranes Associates 

Manufacturer: Arban & Carosi, Inc. 

Category: Residential

Fisher Hill

Design: Klopher Martin Design Group

Manufacturer: Northern Design

Category: Trim & Landscape

State of Utah Clock Tower

Design: VCBO Architecture

Manufacturer: Unlimited Designs

Category: GFRC


Avalon Bay

Manufacturer: Northern Designs

Category: Craftsmanship


Christopher Newport University

Manufacturer: Royal Stone        

Category: Craftsmanship