Color Outside the Lines: Pigment and Color in Architectural Precast
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The session will touch on all facets of color in architectural precast.  This session will start with basics, examining the characteristics of synthetic iron oxides, natural iron oxides and other types of pigment as well the various forms of pigment (i.e., powder, liquid & granular) and will then address production related aspects of coloring concrete such as: system automation, mixing, quality control, and tolerances.
Jimmy Crawford, V.P. of Development
Dynamic Color Solutions

The ABC’s of PLC’s in Architectural Precast
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After decades of research and use in other parts of the world, portland-limestone cements (PLCs) are being embraced by the US as a ready-to-implement change to lower the initial CO2 footprint of concrete and masonry construction. This session explains what PLCs are and how they compare to ordinary portland cement in terms of fresh and hardened properties. While PLCs can help the industry move toward a lower carbon future how do they perform in architectural products? This session will specifically address issues of importance to architectural precasters such as brightness, pigment loading, etc.
Joe Diedrich, Manager of Technical Services, Federal White Cement
and Jamie Farny, Marketing Manager, Buildings Portland Cement Association