Prequalify Your Precaster

An in-depth look at the Architectural Precast Association's extensive Certification program which encompasses the production cycle, Quality Control personnel testing and administrative records. Click Here.

Technical Bulletin on Color

The manufacturing of architectural precast is a complex process. From concept to design, from shop drawings to mold making, from the placing of concrete to finishing, there are dozens, if not hundreds of steps required to take achieve a designer’s vision.  One critical segment of that process is achieving the desired color.  This document shares precasters’ insights of the delicate balance required to achieve the correct color on a consistent basis: mix design, quality pigments, skilled batch plant operators, and a detailed quality control process, to name a few. The bulletin addresses topics such as color choice, production-related factors that can impact color, post-production factors that can influence color, as well as related design considerations that should be taken into account. Click Here.

Color and Texture Guide

Color and texture are essential components of the aesthetics of any project.  This guide serves a general resource in identifying the key colors and finishes of architectural precast. The appearance of a small color swatch can vary from one screen to the next and the best way to determine the color and texture that will achieve your vision is to contact an APA Certified Plant early in design process.  Their experts can walk you through the various factors that can affect color as outlined in the APA Technical Bulletin on Color (#21-01) and help you identify the best choices to meet your design, time and budgetary objectives.

To view color and finish guide picture samples. Click Here.

Finishes Guide

The Finishes Guide is a condensed overview of the type and variety of finishes which are possible to achieve with Architectural Precast Concrete. Its main purpose is to indicate the various finishes available with Architectural Precast Concrete and to generate further questions. This guide is intended to answer most questions relating to these Architectural Precast Concrete finishes. Click Here.

To view color and finish picture guide samples. Click Here.

Connection Manual  

This manual provides a sample of various connection methods available for architectural precast concrete. Each project will require a unique connection method so it is recommended that architects and designers work closely with their precaster to select the best option. Click Here.


The Architectural Precast Association is recognized for Quality Assurance by premier specification resources including the American Institute of Architects' MasterSpec and the Unified Facility Guide, the specification used by the Armed Forces and NASA. 

Unified Facilities Guide Specification: Click Here.

The main MasterSpecs for Architectural Precast include: 3450 Architectural Precast, 4720 Cast Stone and MasterSpec 3490 Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete. More information on AIA Masterspec can be found: here.